About Us

artistMy artistic and aesthetic vision is inspired by nature; flowers, seedpods, thorns, fossils, rocks, tide-pools, driftwood, ocean creatures and all the textures, forms & colors and details of the natural world around me. I have taken all those details and created my own artistic vocabulary that I use in my work. This is a constantly changing and evolving process of interacting with the clay and observation of the natural world around me.

– Diana Moulds, MFA, Tentacle Arts


After graduating in 2002 with my Bachelors in Human Services, I spent over a decade pursuing my passion as a case manager/social worker. After emotional days in the field with clients, I enjoyed spending time in the evenings in the studio watching Diana in her element. Intrigued by the unique and skilled composition of the pots, I couldn’t help but ask to learn about the creative process. Soon thereafter, I became the master artist’s apprentice.

Now a full-time potter, I am doing something I have never imagined! Influenced by Diana’s inspiration from nature and love for bright colors and my yearning to explore new ideas, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else right now

– Xandra Wolfe, BSHS, Tentacle Arts